July 2016

Spools of 18K gold wire after pulling and annealing., Mandrel whose sole purpose is to form links., The wire has been wrapped around the mandrel and has been taped to hold it firm., The wire has been cut into individual links which will now be deburred., The ends of the links have been deburred and ready for the next step.
Upon the making of Roman Chain

You may know it as a Roman Chain, an Etruscan Chain or any one of the ancient names, largely forgotten, once borne by this noble construction. Whatever you wish to call it is, I feel, better than the currently popular moniker of the "Loop-in-Loop" chain. I feel that this is a name devoid of all respect not to mention the wonder which this beautiful expression of the Goldsmith's craft can...

An image of the spinning centrifuge, The cast and cooing gold sits within the still hot plaster mold., Dunking the hot flask into the washing bath, Scrubbing down the newly born ring, The cleaned 18K Gold Claddagh casting.
Lost Wax Casting Part 3

With a good flame playing across the now molten and shimmering gold, I give it a stir with the carbon rod and then sprinkle the surface of the metal with borax. This acts as a flux, from the Latin for “to flow”. This chemical helps to prevent the oxidation of molten metals thus helping them to blend as an alloy and to flow into the cavity awaiting. After one final stir of the rod, I release...

This is an image of the kiln which is glowing at 1350 degrees Fahrenheit., This is the centrifuge which drives the molten metal into the flask., I am now heating the crucible with the fine gold., I am now stirring the gold to distribute the alloy metals and preparing to spin the centrifuge., WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Lost Wax Casting Part 2

I use a centrifugal casting system. Essentially a large dynamic tub, the centrifuge is powered by a large spring, which is cocked and locked for the process of melting and casting the metal of choice.  When released, it gives enormous pressure to the molten metal now flowing outward and into the vacated flask.  Notice the angular structure in the middle of image number 7.   This cradle serves...

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