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My Studio

I’m glad you’re here (wherever here is). My name is Patrick Burt and I am an Artisan Jeweler. This title means that I am a custom jeweler of the old school. I have lived in Tempe, AZ (the Phoenix metropolitan area) for the past forty years and I specialize in truly custom designed jewelry. The hallmark of my business is working directly with my clients to produce the top quality gold and silver items they desire. My forte is the design and production of custom wedding rings for couples who know what they want and require something outside the usual. 

Contact me online if you want to discuss a custom jewelry project. You need to know that I answer all e-mails; if you didn't receive a reply, I never received an e-mail. If you require immediate information or are having problems with e-mail please call me at my office number 480.921.3141. If you have any questions about jewelry or the jewelry industry please ask them. 

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